The Hotmail has a bunch of support teams who are skilled in in case of any minor to major issue in accessing the email services. Occasionally any person may need the Hotmail support for problems like Hotmail login problem, Hotmail email problem, Hotmail hacked account problem or spam emails from your Hotmail etc. The users can also access the Hotmail Customer service phone number to get fast and easy solutions.

Suppose your friend stated of getting an email from your account, with your name in the subject and a bizarre link as the only content which actually you haven’t sent it. You might see from the receivers list that it was also directed to a few other individuals in your friends list, who would then might not know one additional. You patterned with alternative contact and he also got an alike email with a altered link involved, and some diverse friends in the recipient list.

This might be an issue of your account being hacked.

Change or reset your password

  • If you think your Microsoft account has been compromised, try to sign in to it online. (but if you’re already signed in on your device, sign out first.)
  • If you successfully sign in, you should change your password immediately. This will stop anyone who knows your password from signing in again.
  • Go to the Security page, select Change password, and then follow the instructions.
  • If you can’t sign in to your account, your password may have been changed by someone else.
  • Select “Forgot your password” on the sign-in page
  • Then press on “I think someone else is using your Microsoft account”.
  • Follow the instructions to recover your account. Review your account information.

Note: Sometimes attackers make back doors into your account. So that, they can still see your information after you reset your password. Use the following steps to review your important settings.

  • Microsoft also has a new private secure online form to report various Microsoft account issues.
  • Go to Microsoft Account Support.
  • At the bottom of this support page, there is a note. That note says “If you can’t sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Create a temporary account at

After you are exhausted of trying these possibilities, you can contact the Hotmail Customer service phone number for getting the Hotmail hacked account problem or spam emails from Hotmail help. The service team is waiting for the solution. Their support is available 24*7 hours and you will get aid n support by skilled technician.

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